SarahWorld Universe

SarahWorld puts ourselves in the shoes of women who are full of creativity and have a unique style, who are conscious of the environment and sustainability when it comes to making their decisions. For this reason, they choose our designs made with 100% natural fabrics, that are biodegradable and ecological. Designed with the latest tendencies and fashions in mind, our lines are both original but with a touch of retro that meet the highest standards.

Our shoes are a mixture of sophistication combined with the classic and comfortable. In this way we achieve being a fun and fashionable brand that represents women who are positive, casual trendsetters that have a concern for environmental factors and economic sustainability.

What is our philosophy?

SarahWorld was created in 2001 with a clear objective to establish ourselves as a leading reference in the world of fashion footwear, offering a brand that provides both comfort and quality handmade shoes with class and sophistication, charged with personality and offering a sustainable option to those who are conscious of the environment. Characteristics such as...

  • Highest quality sustainable materials
  • Spanish designed and manufactured with its own identity
  • Ecological with solidarity in mind to be a Fairtrade commerce that is environmentally aware
  • Love for traditional methods and handmade products that combine with the latest cutting-edge designs and tendencies.

This is the ke to our collection

For us the client is the center of our universe and the most important factor of our business, they are the sun which revolve around our world and everything we do we do with our clients and customers in mind.